An Unusual Book

This Sunday, we begin a new series studying the book of Jonah.  I want us to take an overview of the entire book, and be able to see just how unusual this minor prophet really is.  In this message we will look at a short book with only 48 verses that do not speak well of the faithful prophet Jonah (at the time).  It’s a book about a prophet who is not prophesying, or does not want to.  Interesting, he disobeys God while pagans cry out to God.  Which leads to another interesting point: the irony that is shown here, like when Jonah says (admits) that he fears the Lord, but at the same time runs from Him. When Jonah leads them all (sailors & Ninevites) to the brink of death, and then God saves them all.  Even in Jonah’s reluctance to prophesy; he says more by his protesting and conversations than he does by the few words of his formal prophecy.  This message will help give us an exciting overview of the many things we will learn in this important part of scripture. And to understand the great grace and mercy of our God!   

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Pastor Weaver


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