Is It Right for You to be Angry?

This Sunday, we come to the 4th chapter in the book of Jonah.  The very beginning of this chapter leaves us wishing that the book would have ended with chapter 3.  Because the chapter begins with telling us about a very angry prophet, disappointed with the actions of the Ninevites (they repented in response to his message), and God’s response to their true repentance.  And this prophet is (v. 1) displeased and very angry.  Anger is a very strong emotion that every person has.  Anger is an emotion that can very quickly get out of control and hurt people and things.  Even Christian’s can have trouble with this emotion.  So, what can they do about it?  How can they control it?  This Sunday, I want us to go topical in this message and talk about anger, the causes of it, how it varies and how it can be manifest in behavior; and then finally, and most importantly, how it can be controlled.  This will be a general lesson about anger while, in future messages, we we’ll talk more specifically about Jonah’s anger problems.  More on this Sunday morning…

See you Sunday,

Pastor Weaver

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  1. Love it ! As I follow Christ I realize I have lost my right to be angry! 🙂 I lost my right to be bitter, hateful, etc.. When I see what they’ve done to me I look and see what I did to Him. There’s Jesus, on the tree. Not angry with me. Love in his eyes. I love because he first loved me 🙂 great word Pastor !

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