Rescue a Soul

This Sunday, is our last message in our study of the book of James.  We will be looking at the last 2 verses of chapter 5, verses 19-20. In these verses, James wants his readers to pause and think about what they have learned, and can now take what they have learned to help others.  Especially those who (verse 19) who “err from the truth.”  He speaks here to believers who can help them.  Who can (v. 20) “convert the sinner from the error of his way”?  And the results are significant!  Rescue the Perishing, Fanny Crosby, the great hymnwriter reminds us in the poem she wrote that was put to music.  What a great ministry to be involved in; that God has called us to!  Are you in God’s ministry of rescuing those in need around you?

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See you Sunday,

Pastor Weaver


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