Since 1970, Hamburg Bible Church has been a family of believers that has welcomed our community to come worship and learn the Bible together. Our goal has been biblical Christ-centered preaching and teaching not only from the pulpit, but also daily through our individual lives. This foundation has nurtured a close family atmosphere where we come together as a group of Christians and encourage each other in the faith and win the lost to Christ.

Hamburg Bible Church was founded by a Christian couple who had grown up in a mainstream denominational church. When they came to know Christ as Savior and found in the Bible that our eternal security rests in the work of Christ (God’s grace to us – Ephesians 2:8-10) and not our works of righteousness they found that their church did not believe the same. They originally started Calvary Bible Church which is no longer in existence and in 1970 they started Hamburg Bible Church. By God’s grace, we have continued to stand for biblical truth in our community.

I would like to personally invite you to attend our church service.  We are a very friendly, welcoming church.  We preach and teach the Word of God going verse by verse through books of the Bible.  I believe the Bible is the most exciting, useful and encouraging book, and that it has the answers to all of life’s difficulties and problems.  My goal is for folks to know and understand the scriptures for application to their life.  That’s why as pastor I am available and ready to use God’s truth for counseling and spiritual growth for anyone who desires to learn more.  Here you will find the basic beliefs (doctrines) on which Hamburg Bible Church was founded. I hope this will be helpful to you whether you have been a long time member or a first time visitor inquiring about our doctrinal statement.

Pastor Stephen Weaver