Who Are You to Judge (Part 2)

Our text this Sunday morning is James 4:11-12, part 2.  Having talked about the dangers of slander, (speaking evil about someone), last week we talked about that not only is it wrong; but how easy it is to fall into it.  In this passage James is talking about speaking evil about a fellow believer (others), or judging others and thus looking down on them.  This week in the 2nd part we will talk about the absolute dangerous spot it puts us in. Really?  We want to put ourselves above the law?  We want to put ourselves in God’s place as lawgiver and judge?  Certainly not, so how do we keep from doing this?  Simple, just don’t judge others, or really, don’t be judgmental.  We need to be careful how we judge others; because we will one day be judged by the ultimate lawgiver.  Are you ready for that judge (God)?   

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See you Sunday,

Pastor Weaver


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