If God Wills

Our text for this Sunday morning is James 4:13-15.  Do we tend to make plans without the Lord?  Do we often think that the “details” of our lives don’t matter to God?  This Sunday, I want to tell you a story about someone, a believer, who was so busy with his life, his family’s life; that he rarely thinks about God in his plans, future, and just everyday life.  Until one day God gets a hold of his heart and life…

James, here speaks of making plans without the Lord.  In this passage he is talking specifically to merchants, business owners about how they presume on their life, their plans – not seeking the Lord.  James actually goes on the attack on those who map out plans – based on profits, forgetting that God is sovereign in all the affairs of people.  So, he challenges their casual arrogance by giving instructions about plans, and why it’s so foolish to do them without God.    

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See you Sunday,

Pastor Weaver


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