Who Are You To Judge? (Part 1)

Our text this Sunday morning is James 4:11-12, part 1.  In this passage James is talking about speaking evil about a fellow believer (others), or judging others and thus looking down on them.  We live in a society that does this type of evil speaking regularly.  The world also justifies doing it, making excuses for their hurting others.  Many people in our world hurt a lot because of the way people gossip, slander and otherwise hurt others with their words.  James’s instruction here, particularly to believers, speaking evil, slander is WRONG!  Even if the information is true, don’t hurt others by spreading harmful words.  Isn’t this the problem with the vast majority of the news?  Doesn’t the news speak evil of people and harm people every day? This week and next I want to give you 2 reasons why speaking evil and slander is so dangerous.  We need to be careful how we judge others; because we will have to judge at times won’t we?  Or do we need to judge at all?  

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See you Sunday,

Pastor Weaver


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