The Idol of Materialism

This week we continue our study in the book of James. Our text for this Sunday morning is James 5:1-6.  Here now James addresses people, rich people outside of the church.  Apparently, people were getting misused, abused and ripped off in the church (among the scattered believers) by these wealthy farmers, landowners. James here, beginning in verse 1, launches a harsh, stinging rebuke against those who set a high priority on wealth and material possessions (vs.3-4).  “Watch out” he says, “judgement is coming and you don’t even realize it!”  “You are gaining material possessions, hoarding them as they rot away, and you’re gaining it off the backs of your employees by not paying them properly, or at all!”  James pronounces condemnation on them and judgement. 

What a text and a lesson for us that have been blessed with so much.  That we don’t set too high a priority on money and material possessions. That we don’t get caught up in bowing to the idol of materialism.        

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Pastor Weaver


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