Unknown Sin

This Sunday, we will do an Easter message from the gospel of Matthew and focus on the cross and celebrate the Lord’s supper.  Our text for this communion service is Matthew 16:21-23.  In this text we have Jesus turning to a more personal ministry with His disciples away from a more public ministry.  He begins sharing with His disciples in Caesarea Philippi what He must face in the near future.  He tells them he must be delivered into the hands of the religious leaders, endure beating and mocking and be killed (murdered); and then be raised again the third day.  Peter doesn’t like that news and proceeds to rebuke, reprimand Jesus for talking that way.  Wait, what?  He rebukes Jesus!?  Because Peter does not want anything bad to happen to Jesus. – He wants God’s will, his way!  So, Jesus rebukes him and oh, does He rebuke Peter!  “You’re an offense to Me Peter; get thee behind Me Satan!”  How could such a beloved disciple get this so wrong?  How can he be so wrong and not even know it?  Can we be wrong in our lives and not know it?  Can we be sinning against others and not even realize that we are doing that, even hurting others?   What can we learn from this passage, while being encouraged by what Jesus did on the cross for us, and by conquering death through His resurrection from the grave?  We’ll talk more about this on Sunday morning.    

See you then,

Pastor Weaver


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