Humble Yourselves & Hear the Truth

This Sunday we continue (in our verse-by-verse study) our series in the gospel of John; we are finishing chapter 8 and looking at verses 48-59.  In this passage, the discussion/argument is getting heated as Jesus continues making points and challenging unbelief that these Pharisees cannot answer.  Jesus continues explaining and discussing facts about Himself: that He is the light of the world and the truth, but these religious leaders refuse to hear and are now just hurling insults to the point of now being violent. Jesus points out their glaring inconsistencies as they now with insults answer, well really not answering anything; and now so angry that they are picking up stones to kill Him.  Why won’t they just humble themselves and believe?  As Jesus proves here: He is who He says He is – He is the Son of God!!  

Why won’t people today, just humble themselves and believe?  To be sure of heaven, to have eternal peace, eternal joy – why not just believe in Jesus, the Son of God?  Do you believe in Jesus?  Have you trusted Jesus, so that you KNOW you are born again – on your way to heaven? More on this passage Sunday morning…

See you Sunday,

Pastor Weaver


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