Are You Stubborn?

This Sunday as we continue (in our verse-by-verse study) our series in the gospel of John; we are now up to chapter 8 and verses 37-47.  In this passage, our focus will be on stubbornness!  Jesus has been explaining and discussing facts about Himself: that He is the light of the world and the truth, but these religious leaders refuse to hear and be convinced about how really wrong they are.  Here instead of hearing and changing (believing) they get backed into a corner and hurl insults.  Jesus points out their glaring inconsistencies as they make the claim “Abraham is our father.”  If he really is, Jesus says, then you would do his works, but you’re NOT EVEN DOING THAT!  They then attack Jesus as illegitimate, and say were not like you (born of fornication); but isn’t that what stubborn people do?  So sad because they miss the most important truth: Jesus IS the LIGHT OF THE WORLD! 

What about you?  Are you stubborn?  Will you believe?  Are you trusting God?  More on this passage Sunday morning…

See you Sunday,

Pastor Weaver


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