How Low Can You Go?

We continue this week in our series on the book of Jonah, we are now at chapter 2, looking at verses 5-7.  In these verses we again have the recorded prayer of thanks (in great fish’s belly) for the prayer of repentance (in water) which is not recorded in this passage (but is explained in the recorded prayer).  The prayer of thanks is recorded here in chapter 2, and is the prayer from the sea creature’s belly! Jonah describes in the water, his despair, discouragement, sadness and depression as he nears what he thinks is his physical death.  As he sinks to the lowest of the depths, in the water physically, and spiritually in his heart and soul; he realizes his sin and his running from the Lord.  He then turns to the Lord (the Lord’s holy temple) and repents to the Lord in/under the water. Finally, he realizes his sin problem that is creating his physical problems (circumstances); and turns to the Lord.  So, when your life is all wrong and your experiencing problems, the blues, discouragement and depression.  Where do you turn?  To the Lord? More on this Sunday morning…

See you Sunday,

Pastor Weaver


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