Are You Truly Repentant?

As we continue this Sunday in our series on the book of Jonah, we now finishing up chapter 2, looking at verses 8-10.  In these verses Jonah’s prayer takes an interesting shift as he has been talking about himself – now in verse 8 he says “they.” Who is he talking about? The interesting point Jonah makes here is about true repentance.  Because I believe he gives 3 evidences of true repentance in these verses.  Three evidences that should be true in our lives that show that we are in communion with God and not putting on an insincere repentance “act.”

Have you truly repented?  Does your actions and life show that you have repented? Jonah here finally realizes his sin problem that is creating his physical problems (circumstances); and turns to the Lord.  Realizing it’s all about repentance and the true evidences of that repentance.            

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Pastor Weaver


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