The Struggle of Faith

This Sunday we continue our series in the gospel of John.  We now come to chapter 6, looking at verses 1-15.  In this text, Jesus is now ministering in Galilee and has become very popular; for actually all the wrong reasons.  He suggests to the disciples, according to Mark’s account, to get away for a while for some rest as they had been so busy ministering.  But the people continue to follow by land; many probably on their way to Jerusalem for the Passover.  The disciples “see” a problem: it’s getting late and these people don’t have anything to eat!  Jesus responds by telling them “YOU, give them something to eat.”  Here begins the dilemma of the disciples which can only be answered by the power of Jesus.  And, in all of it, Jesus shows the disciples a lesson in trusting in the Lord when there are no human answers.  This Sunday, I want you to put yourself in the disciples’ shoes and understand the powerful lesson of this miracle: the feeding of the 15,000.  3 perspectives of the disciples will help get you there to the struggle of faith.  We’ll look at these perspectives Sunday morning…

See you Sunday,

Pastor Weaver


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