Recognizing Needs

This Sunday we continue our series in the gospel of John.  We continue in chapter 6, looking at verses 22-40.  In this passage, the people following Jesus wake up the next day, after their filling dinner the evening before, and are looking for Him.  Remember Jesus had caught up to the disciples by walking on the water.  The people though, did not know this and caught up to Jesus in Capernaum, and wondered how he got there.  Now here is the question: why were they chasing Jesus?  Is it because they long to hear from Him spiritually?  Or because He was their ticket for a free meal?  Jesus challenges them on this very point here in this passage.  So what about you?  What’s more important to you; your physical needs or your spiritual needs?  Jesus challenge to these people are a challenge to people all over the world today!  We’ll look at all this Sunday morning…

See you Sunday,

Pastor Weaver


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