The Preexisting Messiah

This Sunday, as we get closer to Christmas, we began a new series in the gospel of John (we will return and finish our Jonah series soon).   We will look at the first 18 verses for Christmas; looking at verses 1-3 this Sunday.  We begin this series on John now because John has much to say about the preexisting Messiah!  We will begin this series with an exciting overview of John’s gospel, and the reason he begins with “in the beginning…”  The truth is Christ was from the beginning; He is God, and He was the Word.  What does that mean?  That He was the Word?  And the text also tells us that He was the originator of all things!  All life!  Yet he cared, loved us so much that…well herein lies the story, the biography of the gospel of John – He came, loved, was rejected, was falsely accused, and hung on a cross.  Why would Jesus do all that for you and me?  More on this and the answers – this Sunday morning…

See you Sunday,

Pastor Weaver


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