The Light of the Messiah

This Sunday, for Christmas, we continue our series in the first verses of John’s gospel.  This Sunday we look at verses 4-9.  Here is explained how that Christ, the Messiah (the Word v. 1), is the life and light in an evil dark world.  How is the Word life and light?  What does that mean?  Throughout scripture there is this comparison – of light and darkness.  Herein is the foundation of our faith… Jesus (the Word) is the giver of life, (v. 3) and the light of the world!  The light shining (exposing) in the darkness.  And John, the evangelist, explains that light that gives life, and the one who came before to show the reliability of that light (John the Baptist.)  This light, “lighteth every man” (v. 9) with general revelation (Romans 1) and with the incarnation of the Messiah brings this Light to a very dark world.  The light comes to every person – what will they do with that Light (the revelation of Jesus Christ)?  More on this Sunday morning in this message…

See you Sunday,

Pastor Weaver


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