The Laws of Personal Abuse & Love

This Sunday, we continue our series on the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew’s gospel; and will be studying chapter 5, verses 38-48.  In this passage Jesus continues His teaching on the way to live and dealing with questions of life and social issues of that day.  Here Jesus talks about the laws of personal abuse and love that, by His time, were being abused terribly with a revengeful, get even mentality (sound like today?).  Abuses like, no need to love certain people, and always repay evil with evil!  Jesus again points to what the law says and to what He says now because of the issue with love and taking the loss (when abused) because of what God has done in love for you.  And to be a testimony to others, and to keep bitterness from taking over your heart.  Jesus here calls for Kingdom dwellers to swallow their pride, and give up their rights to reparations and fairness, which tends to be the opposite of our thinking.  This Sunday we’ll talk about 5 responses Jesus wants us to have as kingdom dwellers.  I’ll admit these are some difficult responses and tend to go against what we are often taught and are usually thinking.  Certainly, some Biblical principles to wrestle with as to where we draw the line!  More on this Sunday morning…

See you Sunday,

Pastor Weaver  


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