The Grace of God

This Sunday, we begin a series preaching verse-by-verse through the Old Testament book of Ruth.  As an overview, we will look at the 3 main characters, and note the grace of God in their lives.  We will look at the fact that even when they don’t see or know it; God is working (His grace) in and through their lives.  Each of them humbly looks out for one another, prays for each other; especially when they end up in places (circumstances) they would rather not be.  Life often sends us down paths to places we would rather not be; through our own actions (choices) or by choices we would have never made.  Take Naomi for example, no one chooses to lose their husband or to lose her 2 sons and be left with her 2 daughter-in-law’s; yet she does.  But this book shows God’s great grace in all this.  So, where are you going?  where is life leading you?  More on this Sunday morning.

See you Sunday,

Pastor Weaver


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