The Example of the Early Church

This Sunday, we continue a series we began last week on the local church.  This time we look to the example of the early church.  In a lot of ways, the church is really exactly the same as it was in the first century.  Sunday morning, we will look at Acts 2:37-47 and other passages to help us understand 10 themes that were true in the early church and are still true today.  Themes that should be true of any real church and should be true here in our church.  The question is, are believers adhering to these themes in their own life as well in the church that they are a part?    This Sunday morning, we will remind ourselves to be sure that we are all in line with the teachings of the scriptures and remembering church is the place every believer should be a part.  More on this Sunday…

See you there,

Pastor Weaver

Listen to the full sermon here.


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