Do Unto others, Matthew 7:12

This Sunday our verse-by-verse study in Matthew on the Sermon on the Mount; takes us further into chapter 7, looking at just verse 12. Jesus has been teaching kingdom living here that puts some difficult challenges of living on the believer.  So, Jesus now says, in a sense, let me give you some help.  You’re going to need God’s help in this kingdom living, so here is a principle that can help you and make it easier to live out.  In this verse we will be looking at this simplifying principle of life that Jesus gives: “do unto others as you would have them do to you.”  He gives some important helps here as we endeavor to live as Jesus has been talking about; some helps that can sum up a lot of the commands and demands of this sermon.  Doing unto others can be difficult to do, and that is why we need God’s help.  This Sunday, I want us to look at 3 effective helps in following this principle of doing to others, and we’ll give some practical helps as we talk about this.


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