How badly do you want it? Matthew 7:7-11

This Sunday we continue our verse-by-verse series in Matthew on the Sermon on the Mount; we are in chapter 7, looking at verses 7-11.  In this passage we will be talking about the power of persistent prayer.  Jesus says to ask, seek, and find, but what should we be asking, seeking, and knocking for in this life?  It’s interesting how passages like this can be used by some to say that Christians can use God to get whatever they want in this life.  And, if we just ask hard enough God will give it to us. But is that what Jesus is saying here?  We need to look at this passage in the context of the Sermon on the Mount, and in context with Scripture.  Jesus has been teaching kingdom living here that puts some difficult challenges of living on the believer.  So, Jesus now says ASK for help.  You’re going to need God’s help in this kingdom living, so ask, seek for help and be persistent and knock.  This Sunday, I want us to look at 3 reasons why we need to be persistently asking for provisions in our spiritual growth.


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