Salvation: Simple, but not easy, matthew 7:13-14

This Sunday our verse-by-verse study in Matthew on the Sermon on the Mount; brings us to chapter 7, looking at verses 13-14. Jesus has been teaching here kingdom living that puts some difficult challenges of living on the believer.  Jesus now illustrates a person’s path traveled as it leads to 2 different destinations: life and destruction.  At this point His question to you would be, which way are you traveling? The broad or narrow way?  There is definitely an easier way and a more difficult way.  Because one way is broad, easy, and many go that way; and the other is narrow, restricting, and more difficult to find.  In these verses we will be looking at these roads and why people travel one or the other.  A lot can be said about these ways that Jesus talks about here, and leaves each individual with a burning question: which road are you on?  Have you truly made a choice for God or are you just going with the crowd?  According to Jesus here, the crowd is not going the right way.  So which road are you travelling?


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