Approved of God, Matthew 5: 1-3

This Sunday, we take a break, and step aside from our series in the gospel of John and start a new series on Matthew 5-7, looking at the Beatitudes and the Sermon on the Mount. We start with verses 1-3 of chapter 5, looking at the first of the 9 times we, as believers, are called blessed. Is just ok, good enough? People and businesses in our world try, endeavor to do better, and not just be ok. How much more should believers’ endeavor to be, or do better in our walk with the Lord. This is what the Sermon on the Mount is all about, endeavoring to do and be better even when we know we can’t be perfect. The Sermon on the Mount gives us those standards and examples for us to inspire to, so that we can become more spiritual in Christ and with God’s help. To be approved of God, and we are that in Christ. Especially note it here as we look at the first Beatitude: blessed are the poor in spirit. What does this mean? How can we be poor in spirit, thus being approved of God? This Sunday we’ll talk about it, illustrate it and help you take the principles we talk about; so that you can apply them to your life!


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