Sermon Preview: Faith & Works

This Sunday we continue our series in James and will be looking at chapter 2 verses 14-26. This message will be a part 1 as we will only look at the 1st point of our 3-point outline.  In this passage James says “faith without works is dead!” What is he talking about; what are these “works”? Is he contradicting what Paul says in Romans 4:1-8 or Ephesians 2:8-9? That salvation is not of works?  

When do these “works” happen in your life? And what do they have to do with faith?  Why do we do the things we do, that what we would call “works”?  Are our works evidence that we have faith? These are questions I have been wrestling with all week.

James in this passage is looking at…talking about works that come from TRUE faith.  He was speaking to the scattered tribes that had identified themselves with the Christian faith, some at a high cost.  But as in all Christian (church) assemblies; some were genuine believers and some were not. That is why he presented in his epistle so many “tests” of faith.  Were there some that thought they only needed saving faith and thus needed no works after salvation (easy believism)?  James says in a sense “hey, you have faith, show me!” If you don’t have works to back it up or prove that faith; WHAT GOOD IS THAT FAITH?!  Faith without works (to back it up) is dead.  Do you have real, true faith?  Can people see your faith; evidence of that faith? Saving faith AND living faith?

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See you Sunday, Pastor Weaver


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