How Does Born Again Happen?

This Sunday as we continue our series in the gospel of John we are looking at chapter 3 verses 16-21.  Here, as Jesus continues His conversation with Nicodemus, He explains further what this born again means; which Jesus has told Nicodemus he must do.  Jesus explains 3 things in this passage that God has done to make this life altering (born again) possible to all.  The great love of God, the great light of God, and the great invitation to respond (v.16) to the love of God.  Being born again comes with some guarantees which is why we can say or ask, “Are you 100% certain that you are on your way to heaven”?  Are you sure of heaven?  This passage tells you that you can know for certain you’re on your way to heaven!  More on this Sunday morning…

See you Sunday,

Pastor Weaver


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