But the Lord…

This week, as we continue our series in the book of Jonah, we will look at chapter 1, verses 4-6.  In this passage God sends out an alarm; as He goes after His servant, the prophet Jonah.  God hurls a storm at the boat that Jonah is trying to make his escape from the Lord.  But can anyone escape from the Lord?  While the storm is threatening, the sailors panic, and they are crying out to their gods; Jonah is fast asleep!  But not for long, as God begins His mighty work in His effort to rescue Jonah and to bring him back to himself.  What’s God doing in your life? Is He sounding an alarm?  He will sound many alarms to bring the lost to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, and to draw the wandering/rebelling Christian back to Himself.    

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Pastor Weaver


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