A Discouraged Woman

This Sunday, we continue our series in the book of Ruth; we are now looking at chapter 1 verses 3-5.  Here, after looking at Elimelech last week, we now look closely at Naomi’s struggles, her decisions and her terrible losses.  She moves out of the land of promise to Moab with her husband.  Did she have a choice in the matter?  Does she go to keep the family intact?  But then when her husband passes, she makes no effort to return home, and things continue to spiral downward.  Even though circumstances are very bad and painful for Naomi; God is still providentially working all things for good for His glory.  This Sunday we’ll talk about a discouraged woman and what she could have done better in this difficult time for her.  More about this 9:30 Sunday morning.

See you Sunday,

Pastor Weaver


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