A Word to Skeptics

This Sunday we continue our series in the gospel of John we are now looking at chapter 3 verses 9-15.  Here Jesus continues His conversation with Nicodemus, whom, this Sunday, I will call the skeptic.  Jesus had told him “Ye must be born again;” and Jesus says this phrase not to just a plain ordinary person, sinner; this was a religious teacher a ruler (leader), a member of the Pharisees!  You can’t get more religious than this guy!  And here he is a skeptic, either really not understanding, or he is choosing to be a dishonest skeptic that, in spite of the facts (Jesus, the Messiah standing right in front of Him, as well as His words and works) he still will not believe.  Jesus then confronts his skepticism and tells him he must believe.  Look to the lifted up cross because of your major problem with sin.  But Nicodemus does not, at least not at this point.  Do you know for certain that you believe, and are born again?  Or are you a skeptic?  More on this passage Sunday morning…

See you Sunday,

Pastor Weaver

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