Witnesses To Christ

This Sunday we continue our series in the gospel of John, and will finish chapter 5, looking at verses 30-47.  In this passage Jesus continues His explanation and teaching after a defiant response to His healing of a paralyzed man that He heals on the Sabbath.  Now He further proves His claims as the Messiah.  He alludes that under the law it would take two to three or more witnesses to levy charges against someone.  It was the way things were proven like that.  So, Jesus here seeks to do that by spending the rest of John 5 giving His audience 6 witnesses that His words were truth.  Six irrefutable proofs that He is like none other; that He in fact is the Son of God!  Also saying: “Don’t just take My word for it; look what others are saying!”  We’ll look at these evidences Sunday morning…

See you Sunday,

Pastor Weaver


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