What Does God Want?

This week as we continue our series in the book of Jonah, we’re looking at chapter 1, verses 13-16.  In this passage I ask the question “What does God want?”  Knowing what God wants you to do in your Christian life is essential to living the Christian life effectively.  There are many clear things (actions) we need to be doing that the scriptures tells us to do.  And we must obey and do these things in order for us to be walking with the Lord faithfully.  Jonah says, the only way is God’s way for the storm to stop, but the sailors don’t want to do it. They don’t want to toss Jonah overboard.  So, they try in their own strength to go against God.  Row hard, even pray, but to no avail they must do it God’s way in order for the storm to stop. 

Are you doing what God wants?  Obeying the Lord?  Do you have a storm raging in your heart?  Do you understand there is only one way for it to stop?  God’s way!  Will you do it God’s way?  Or try doing it your own way?  In this message we will look at what happens when we try to do life (stop the storms) our own way.       

More on this Sunday morning…

See you Sunday,

Pastor Weaver


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