Watch your tongue

This Sunday we continue our series in James and will be looking at chapter 3 verses 1-12. In this passage James now begins to talk about the infamous and much problematic tongue.  James says to be very careful about it, and then gives warnings why the tongue can be such a problem for us toward others. Four warnings total…   

His first warning is to teachers as they bear a great responsibility for what they say due to their influence and leadership. They will always have a great impact on who they are teaching, and can have great positive influence; as well as negative, even hurtful impact – just by what they say. 

The second warning he gives, talks about how this little organ of the body controls!  What that little tongue does and says tells you something about who that person really is.  Jesus said, by their fruit you shall know them; James says, by their tongue you will know them!  So be careful.  A horse is controlled by the bit; the ship is controlled by the rudder.  A human is controlled, or shows their character (who they really are) by their tongue. 

So, who is in control of your tongue?  Is God in control of your life and thereby controls your tongue?

As you examine your own life, are you careful, VERY CAREFUL about what you say and how you say it?  Are you sensitive to so many others who can be hurt, offended, even devastated by your words? 

This is another one of James tests that he gives in his letter to the 12 tribes scattered.  How do you do in this test; do you pass?

More on this Sunday morning…

See you Sunday,

Pastor Weaver


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