The EVER-PRESENT Hand of God (Part 2)

This Sunday, as we continue our series preaching through the book of Ruth; we are doing an overview of this book.  In part 2 of this message begun last week; we now look at 2 more ways God is at work in these people’s lives; despite the fact that He does not do any major miracles or any major work that is clearly seen that it is the Lord that did it.  As we said last week, in this book God is at work even when they don’t see or know it.  God is working, guiding them in His perfect plan to continue the throne of David and then to the future Messiah.  Last week we saw God’s hand is present in natural events (1:1; 1:6) and God’s hand is present in seemingly chance events (2:3).  We will look at 2 more this Sunday.  God is at work in your life – are you seeing it?  More on this Sunday morning.

See you Sunday,

Pastor Weaver


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