Sheep and Shepherd

This Sunday we continue our series (verse-by-verse study) in the gospel of John.  We are beginning chapter 10 looking at verses 1-21.  In this text, Jesus continues chapter 9 (a man born blind is healed by Jesus), with now publicly speaking in the same area He had just spoken to the man born blind about his need of salvation (and a short response to the Pharisees in 9:41 about their blindness).  Jesus speaks in sort of parable form against the Pharisees who are still standing there listening.  The Pharisees had been abusing the formerly blind man and his parents (9:22,34), and now Jesus seeks to point out who they really are (thieves and robbers vs. 1, 8) to the sheep; while Jesus, in contrast, is the Good Shepherd (10:11,14).  This Sunday we’ll talk about 1st century shepherding; as well as 3 things Jesus shows us on how He really is the GOOD SHEPHERD.  This, and much more Sunday morning…

See you Sunday,

Pastor Weaver


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