Where is your treasure? Part 2 Matthew 6:19-24

This Sunday we continue our verse-by-verse series on the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 6 looking at verses 19-24; in this second part of a 2-part message on this passage. We are talking about treasure, your treasures. We all certainly have treasure, money and possessions. We most certainly cannot live in this world without money in the economy (country) where we live. Jesus addresses the issue of loving treasure more than Him. Now last week we talked about the problem of putting all our trust in worldly treasure – it’s senseless because it is going to corrupt; it’s going to be stolen from you! Instead of earthly treasure, Jesus says, layup heavenly treasure! This week we are going to focus more on the question, how do we know if we are living for earthly treasure rather than heavenly treasure? Now Jesus gives us 2 illustrations in this text to help show us where our treasure really is. Is it in heaven? Well how much of God’s light is in your life? Who is your real master that you love and obey – God or money? A very important question for every believer to answer.


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