overcoming sinful worry, matthew 6:25-34

This Sunday we continue our verse-by-verse series on the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 6; finishing up that chapter looking at verses 25-34.  In this passage we are talking about worry and anxiety.  Jesus talks about provision promises that He will provide, so that believers don’t have to worry or fret about them.  Jesus promises that He will provide for food, drink and clothing.  He then illustrates how he provides wonderfully for things in His creation, and aren’t we that much more important than birds, flowers, even our life?  Jesus had said, (vs.19-24) don’t layup earthly treasure, but layup heavenly treasure!  Now what about tomorrow; do you worry about tomorrow?  A very important question for every believer to answer. Do we worry about provisions?  Do we worry about tomorrow?  What are we to do instead?  Verse 33 says “seek first the kingdom of God.”


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