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What Is The Church? Acts 5: 11-42

This Sunday, we take a break from our series in the gospel of John and focus on a series about the local church.  What is the local church?  In a lot of places today there is a misunderstanding of the church, and what it is all about.  A shallow view of the church in recent times has come to an attitude of a “take or leave it” attitude when it comes to Christ’s bride, the church.  Acts 5:11-42 is our text where we find the early church struggling, but effective in reaching people and the faithful proclamation of the gospel even in the midst of persecution.  This Sunday morning we will begin a short series endeavoring to come to a better Biblical understanding of the powerful church of Jesus Christ.  We are God’s church called out to do His Kingdom work.  Church is the place every believer should be a part.  Are you? 

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