Pseudo-Faith, John 4: 43-54

This Sunday in our series in the gospel of John, we are looking at chapter 4, verses 43-54.  While this passage is talking about faith, and the great faith of the royal official; it starts out dealing with the problematic lack of faith, or what I call pseudo-faith.  Christ has already experienced much pseudo faith in watching people come for a show (His miracles) and not really believing in Him.  Now He returns to Galilee, specifically Cana, and is continuing His ministry when this Herod Antipas’ official comes to Jesus begging Him to heal his son.  But does this nobleman really believe when he first comes to Jesus?  What kind of faith does this official show when Jesus chooses not to come to his house?  We’ll see that the official does show tremendous faith as he sees his son healed the next day.  Well, he notices the next day. 

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