The Reasurrance of Growth, 1 John 2: 12-14

This Sunday continuing our series in the first epistle of 1 John; we are in chapter 2 looking at verses 12-14.  Here in this text, John takes a break from topic and develops a sort of parenthesis here in order to encourage his readers and to help them remember about levels of Christian growth.  He addresses Christians (his readers, us) that are at several different growth levels.  His goal is to spur people on and encourage believers on whatever level of growth that they are at.  John uses 3 levels of growth here described as “little children,” “young men,” and “fathers.”  Each represent where a believer can be in their spiritual growth.  Each though, share in common all the privileges and benefits in Christ, while the spiritual mature will be blessed with a further encouraging enlightenment from the Lord.  So where are you at in your Christian growth?


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