How Can You Know? (Part 2), 1 John 2: 3-6

This Sunday as we continue our expository series in the first epistle of John; we come to our 2nd part, part 2 of chapter 2, verses 3-6.  Here in part 2, John, has been saying that we can know that we are saved!  That our salvation is not guesswork!  So how do we know?  Because, we said last week; we are obeying His commandments.  This week we will see the last 2 points, 2 more ways we can know that we are saved, or have evidence of salvation; or what we commonly call assurances of our salvation.  You can know by your love, and you can know by your walk.  These points will be clear in your life and will show if you are truly born again.  Are you absolutely, completely sure that you are saved?  Come to this passage again and look with me and do a self-examination.


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