The law of Murder & Anger, Matthew 5: 21-26

as we continue our series on the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew’s gospel, we will be studying chapter 5, verses 21-26.  In this passage Jesus, continues in His teaching about the law; making sure that His listeners don’t just follow the law about a major point, i.e., Murder, adultery swearing oaths, etc.  But that they understand there is a much broader application in kingdom living!  In this text, it’s not just about “thou shalt not kill,” it’s also about how you treat your brother/sister or how you treat anyone!  Don’t hate, don’t call names, don’t get angry without a cause, resolve issues with others, take the loss if you have to; in order to be righteous in your kingdom living.  So, how have you been treating others?  Have you been kind, gracious, loving to others in obeying the 6th commandment? It’s a very interesting topic


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