Purity, No Excuse, Ruth 3

This Sunday, we now come to chapter 3.  This chapter presents to us an odd narrative (story) of a very romantic scene, but, due to cultural traditions seems very foreign to us.  Here is where careful study and application of these Bible passages is very important and necessary for us to understand important lessons for today.  What is so important for us to observe in Boaz and Ruth’s character in this chapter 3?  Mainly that in all this romantic undertones, important love and commitment decisions; that they both remain morally pure in it all of this episode.  Even by the end of the chapter the story of Boaz and Ruth’s love remains unresolved!!  Also, why is this plan, concocted by Naomi, needed to be formulated in the first place?  Because Boaz was not moving on with the relationship between he and Ruth, so he needed a nudge.  And a nudge he got…

How can we learn to be morally pure in a society of immorality?  Learn from the example of these Godly characters!


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