And They Lived Happily Ever After, Ruth 4

This Sunday, we are now at chapter 4 of Ruth in our verse-by-verse study.  In this passage we are presented with some more drama before we are shown that our heroes “live happily ever after.”  Boaz wastes no time in resolving the issue with the nearer kinsmen redeemer, so he goes to the city gate the very next morning.  He is anxious to see what the other kinsman (not named) is thinking.  Here through Boaz‘s work, Ruth’s faithfulness, and Naomi’s change, God blesses with a marriage, a son, and grandson.  All God’s work as He truly changes the whole sad, difficult situation that began this little book of Ruth.  Can God change your situation and circumstances?  Something that the unnamed kinsman redeemer missed out on.  Will you trust God when times get difficult?  Do you believe the promise of Roans 8:28?


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