Seeing False Teachers

This Sunday we continue our verse-by-verse study in Matthew on the Sermon on the Mount. We are now looking at chapter 7, verses 15-20. Jesus now continues on the theme we looked at last week where Jesus was illustrating a person’s eternity path traveled – as it leads to 2 different destinations: life and destruction (vs.13-14).  The broad or narrow way.  As we said last week, there is definitely an easier way and a more difficult way.  In these next verses Jesus now warns about false prophets who will minimize the narrow road and will say that people can get to heaven by traveling the broad way, and by falsely telling people that they will get to heaven any way they want.  They will proclaim things about God that aren’t true, and that they don’t even believe themselves.  Jesus here stipulates you will know them by their fruit; and whether they are telling the truth about the Father (God), the Bible, and Himself.  These false prophets are on the broad way to destruction.  So be careful about what you hear, cling to the truth.  This Sunday, I want us to look at the problem of false teachers in our world and in churches today.  More on this Sunday morning…

See you Sunday,

Pastor Weaver  


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