Removing the Critical Spirit

This Sunday as we continue our verse-by-verse series on the Sermon on the Mount; we come to Matthew 7, verses 1-6.  In this passage we will be talking about judging others.  Jesus says not to be judgmental, but does that that we should never be judging, evaluating, looking at; or even holding an opinion, favorable or unfavorable, about anyone or anything?  The problem I believe is pride and looking down on others.  It’s about our attitude, because we must be judging or evaluating others often, for a host of reasons.  This Sunday, I want us to look at 3 ways that we need to be careful about how we judge others.  Definitely some important things for us to consider.  Are we judgmental?  Are we looking down on others as if we are somewhat better than them?  More on this important topic Sunday morning…

See you Sunday,

Pastor Weaver  


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