Lord, Teach us to Pray (Part 4)

This Sunday, we continue our series in Matthew 6 as we are studying the Sermon on the Mount. This week we are on part 4, the last part, of talking about prayer (looking at verses 11-15).  Here we continue looking at Jesus’ model prayer and talk about what it can teach us about our own personal prayer time in our private place of prayer.  Jesus gives a sample prayer as to what believers should be praying for and about, and He also gives His listeners here some great information about how they could be praying more effectively.  This Sunday we’ll talk about 3 more petitions that are prayer requests for us.  It mentions prayer for daily food and provisions; now how do we stay faithful in that when we have so much?  We also pray for forgiveness as we forgive (a prerequisite to that prayer); and prayer to not be led into temptation.  Wait, that seems like an unusual request.  So, does that cover all our needs?  Is this model prayer complete in addressing all our needs?  We’ll talk about all this and more Sunday morning…

See you Sunday,

Pastor Weaver  


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