Jesus, King of Kings

This Sunday, we continue taking a break from our series on the sermon on the mount in the gospel of Matthew and look at a couple of Christmas messages from the earlier part of Matthew.  We go to the beginning of this gospel, and look at, this week, chapter 1 verses 1-17.  Here Matthew begins writing to the Jews (and us) and wants to immediately introduce us to Jesus. He begins by telling his readers that Jesus is the king of the Jews; and to look at his heritage!  He comes from a long line of kings of Israel; specifically, and directly from king David’s throne; which was a fulfillment of the promise given in the Davidic covenant.  His connection given here is very specific in verse 6 where King David is mentioned and then connected eventually to Joseph.  So, is this genealogy just a list of names?  Absolutely not, there are several lessons here in this passage where we can learn about Jesus, Mary, Joseph and others which will encourage and bless us in this Christmastime.  What are some things we can learn?  Well, isn’t God gracious, loving, forgiving and patient with us when we fail Him?  Doesn’t he restore us fully for His will to be done and for His glory? Look at the examples He puts before us in this text!  We’ll study them and talk more about this Sunday morning…

See you Sunday,

Pastor Weaver


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