At Least Consider the Other Side

This Sunday, we continue our series (verse-by-verse study) in the gospel of John; looking at chapter 10, verses 31-42.  In this passage, we see Jesus’ continued conversation with the Pharisees and others as things get rather heated with these religious leaders (they want to stone Him)!  Instead of hearing Him out they are ready to get rid of Him anyway they can.  Why won’t they hear him out, listen to reason?  Why won’t they hear Jesus side, and realize that His words and works do testify to who He is – the Son of God?  Instead, they will stick with the false teachings that they have been taught and follow all that to a Christless eternity.  Jesus has just told them that He was the Messiah; telling them that they need to believe on Him, and some wonderful benefits to those who do believe on Him.  This Sunday we talk about the 4 problems these Pharisees have that keep them from believing on Him.  This, and much more Sunday morning…

See you Sunday,

Pastor Weaver


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