Jesus Is God – Believe

This Sunday we continue our series in the gospel of John, and continuing our study of chapter 5, looking at verses 17-24.  In this passage Jesus has selected one random paralyzed man to heal and heals him on the Sabbath.  The Jews (Pharisees) complain that the man can’t carry his bed on the Sabbath.  Again, as we said last week, no excitement about the miracle; that a man that has been lame probably most of his life is now healed.  They miss the point, and all they are interested in is that Jesus has healed, broken their law, by “working” on the sabbath (the man too).  Now, in all this, Jesus now in our text, reprimands them, by telling them all that He is God and He will do what he wants to on the Sabbath.  Because He and His Father both work all the time (17).  The lesson being, Jesus is God, equal with the Father; now believe on Him.  Have you believed on Jesus?  Much, much, more on this Sunday morning…

See you Sunday,

Pastor Weaver


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