The Grace of God, Ruth 1

This Sunday, we begin a series preaching verse-by-verse through the Old Testament book of Ruth.  As an overview, we will look at the 3 main characters, and note the grace of God in their lives.  We will look at the fact that even when they don’t see or know it; God is working (His grace) in and through their lives.  Each of them humbly looks out for one another, prays for each other; especially when they end up in places (circumstances) they would rather not be.  Life often sends us down paths to places we would rather not be; through our own actions (choices) or by choices we would have never made.  Take Naomi for example, no one chooses to lose their husband or to lose her 2 sons and be left with her 2 daughter-in-law’s; yet she does.  But this book shows God’s great grace in all this.  So, where are you going?  where is life leading you?  

More sermon previews here.


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